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These Midnight Black polarized sunglasses are built of high-quality acetate frames and robust metal hinges, with all of the features ensuring a long and healthy life. These fashionable sunglasses are suitable for both men and women, as well as any environment or weather situation. When you're out strolling, driving, fishing, or enjoying other outdoor activities, our elegant sunglasses are a must-have.

These Midnight Black sunglasses offer TAC polarized lenses to protect you from UV rays while also reducing glare.  The bright frame makes the sunglasses shine, letting you stand out in the light. These Midnight Black sunglasses go nicely with any outfit.  Whether you’re at a wedding or a ballgame, make sure to throw on your Elio Frames. 

This high-end collection combines classic shapes, with modern hues to create designs that are real and long-lasting. These polarized sunglasses with high-density coating can effectively restore real color, improve visual clarity, and contrast. Our Midnight Black classic sunglasses are constructed from skin-friendly and anti-allergy materials, and we took special care to ensure that every edge is smoothed so that it does not clip your face or fall off due to gravity.

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All of our frames include TAC Polarized lenses - keeping you protected from the strongest sun rays.

3 Gold Engraved Logos

Three gold engraved logos throughout the frames to give a luxury look

Stainless Steel Hinges

Our secure frames are held in place by a 2-bolt, stainless steel hinge.

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